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Chil was founded to serve.

E-Oncology services

Chil is aware that many women die due to cervical and breast cancer due to late diagnosis .This is highly attributed to Long Distances for services like :

•    Consultation

•    Medicine delivery services for those living with the cancers

•    Bedside Nursing services

    Laboratory results interpretation 

•    Referral, among others.

Advocacy and Awareness

Cancer of the breast ad cervix will never be history if women are not empowered on its existence, encouraged to carry out regular and Period early screening .As Chil Artificial Intelligence Lab we use all the medium ranging from social Media ,to community Meetings to Radio talk shows among others . 

We go on to avail women living with breast and cervical cancer Platforms to hold government Account for any Violation of their Patients’ Rights .


Drones Meet Artificial Intelligence in the fight Against Cervical cancer It’s estimated that 9/10 of cervical cancer death Occur in the Low Income Countries .This is highly attributed to Long Distance to Oncology services Centers majorly.
Chil Artificial Intelligence Lab has heard your request and responded to the call by the Introduction of Chil Drones.

Our Products


Cervical cancer self-testing kit

These are also non infrared and they are used by female to correct the cervical cancer specimen themselves. A woman removes that top cover with clean hands ,insets the Kit in her private parts and press the button at the end of the kit .This collects the specimen and a woman covers it with fore removed top which is sent to the to our Partner Laboratory through Partner currier services like Posta Uganda. Three days a woman get her results through KETI with an interpretation made by Keti
This is still under Testing and its being tested .This a non-infrared, non-invasive and easy to CTC Cluster scanner and as so far its accuracy rate stands at 72% and our team is working so hard to make sure improved accuracy. We welcome any country willing to take Part of this great and Historic Pilot.


Breast cancer self-testing kit

Avoid the long waiting time to get tested for breast cancer. Simply test yourself on at home before seeing your doctor.
Test results can be used when you have appointment with your doctor to analyse them and to find the best treatment/solution further.


Chil saving card

The cost of reviews for women carrying periodic follow up tests for women living with cancers of the breast anc cervix are so high. This lives many women abandoning the follow up medication and end up inviting death .Chil has come with smart saving card that allows a woman to slowly but surely save small amounts money from her Mobile phone wallet to her card and this is always used for Pay for services like Transportation to the review facility, Laboratory and medication bills .This is meant to help women get their regular follow up smoothly without feeling the burden of upfront payment.



As a company founded and led by 70% cancer survivors, chil combined the medical skills, Artificial intelligence and machine; learning to come up with the chil AI power that has transformed all the services from being Oncologist given to being automated.
This aimed at helping everyWoman get these services by elf-services and a comfort of
Their homes, offices, gardens market places etc. All you need to check if we have gotten Permission by regulators to work in your country and if yes then you are Eligible to download Mrs Keti from google Play store. 

She is very interactive and very welcoming 




Chil AI Lab develops artificial intelligence technology to dramatically improve cancer Advocacy and awareness, prevention, detection, and treatment.
Our mission is to solve cancer and save lives. 
Many of the best people are attracted to the organization driven by a mission instead of a profit.


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