The World's First Solar Powered Refrigerated Storage system   

Chil Group together with Our United States Partner Soler- Cool( who doubles as our Liaison office in the United States of America)   came up with Joint venture(CHILSCT) that makes ,sells/rents affordably High  Patented  Solar Cold shed technology that helps in Prevention Post harvest wastage .As we speak our Innovation is working in India ,Colombia  and Great-lakes Region( Africa) and Plans are all done to reach Senegal ,Botswana,South Africa,Ethiopia. With this technology we turn Sun into cold Air that can keep any crop Harvest including highly Perishable crops for at-least 24 days and Animal Products for a reasonable Good Time  without going bad .

We have so far More than 17 Patents including the one for United States of America and India .

Those Interested in investing in this Technology please reach our offices :+256758403065(Africa)/+1(571)4208758(United States office )

The Lima Agro Ai one Stop Shop

This an Artificial Intelligence Powered Mobile Application Now accessible Only accessible in three countries in Africa and Philippines  through our Partners there .It is used to predict pests and diseases using Machine Learning& Artificial Intelligence  Technology  among other very many services like linking farmers to our Partner Micro Agro Insurance service Providers etc 

Those Interested in investing in this Technology please reach our offices :+256758403065(Africa)

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