Drones for Hire

The trends of the Globe have changed and Many people around the Wold would like to have goods and services delivered to them at the comfort of their Offices ,Homes ,Farms etc .Chil Ai Group runs now 49 Drones which are categorized into three categories .

  1. Health care  commodity delivery drones( these have a solar Powered cold cubes to keep medical commodities safe) :These deliver healthcare related commodities like medicine ,specimen to laboratories ,Blood samples .Our target for three years is Owning 200 Drones of this Kind and spreading our services to the Whole of Africa .

  2. Agriculture Drones : These are rented by farmers for their farm mapping ,spraying and Monitoring .Our Target for three years is to have more than 55 drones of this Kind and to scale to great-lakes region .

  3. Shop, Restaurant ,super market and Market Item  delivery drones : These are used by those who sell their Products electronically to send them to Buyers without being affected by Traffic Jam in the Cities .We intend to have 100 of such by end of three Years 

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