Bring Real Tele-Health to the Undeserved Globally 

Many People especially in Africa think Tele-Health Means medicine Delivery,Chil uses high Level Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to offer real time consultation ,Remote Laboratory services ,Interpretation of Laboratory results ,Referral,Follow Up services,  Medicine  delivery Using Our Drones together with Helping Our customers have their Medical Records Stored using our Back end to end Encrypted Electronic Medical Records  System.

Chil Offers the Best specialised Tele-Health services 

Tele-Oncology services 

Using our Machine Learning  and Artificial Intelligence Technology we offer Both Automated and Human Guided early cancer of breast and cervix  screening related services like consultation ,referral ,Interpretation of Laboratory results ,Medicine guidance and ordering and delivery,Follow-Up among others .

Chil has gone ahead to avail our customers with easy ways to self collect Cervical cancer  specimen and  transported from our depot to our partner /our laboratories .  

Tele Health for Tourists 

Covid 19 has Brought fear into the heart of everyone Globally and and Tourism is already affected because tourists don't trust whether they safe or not safe without their Back Home health care systems .

Chil has brought on Board a new Product that use our tele-Health equipment  contact tourists to their Home doctor in case they feel  any symptom and medicine recommendation can be delivered to the Tourist using our Drones at the comfort of the tourist Hotel. 

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